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Sisterhood Club Pty Ltd (ACN 658 373 329) and its subsidiaries (“Sisterhood Club”) provide professional related services.


Through these services, Sisterhood Club from time to time gathers information from its clients and users of or for a variety of reasons including, in particular, to enable us to improve the nature of the services we provide.


Sisterhood Club understands individuals’ concerns regarding confidentiality and takes seriously its obligations in respect of all information it gathers.


This Privacy Policy outlines how Sisterhood Club deals with Personal Information (as defined below).


What information do we collect and store

As a visitor to this Site, you may provide personal information about yourself. The type of information we collect includes such things as contact details, working history, opinions, product preferences and transactional details (but not your financial information). Sisterhood Club treats all such information which is collected and identifiable as relating to an individual as Personal Information. It is this information which is described as “Personal Information” for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.


Personal Information may collected about you via the following means:

(a) competition entry forms;

(b) application forms;

(c) email;

(d) websites (including in some instances cookies);

(e) online transactions;

(f) over the phone;

(g) information collected from third parties


How do we use your Personal Information?

Personal Information is gathered for a range of purposes, including the provision of ongoing support to you and the compiling of customer databases to enable us to more accurately market our goods and services.


Our Site and App uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience. Our cookies monitor your use of our Site and Sisterhood Club.


We may use your Personal Information to provide you with emails which set out any news, events or updates to our service. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please contact [email protected]


Where Personal Information is provided by a third party to Sisterhood Club, Sisterhood Club assumes that you have previously consented to the disclosure of the Personal Information to it. If Sisterhood Club is made aware that you have not consented to the disclosure to it to Sisterhood Club, upon receiving your written request, Sisterhood Club will take commercially reasonable measures to remove your Personal Information from its systems.


Sisterhood Club will not hold ‘sensitive information’ on an individual and will not ask you for information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, or details of health, disability or sexual activity or orientation, unless:

(a) you provide your consent;

(b) the collection of that information is specifically authorised by law;

(c) the collection of the information is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal claim.


Sisterhood Club is not responsible for ascertaining whether any information provided to it by you or a third party is ‘sensitive information’ and it shall treat all information disclosed to it as Personal Information. In the event that Sisterhood Club is made aware in writing by you that it is holding ‘sensitive information’, Sisterhood Club will take commercially reasonable steps to destroy and/or delete paper and electronic copies of the ‘sensitive information’.


If you do not provide your Personal Information, you will not be able to access the information contained on the Site or the App.



We use Google Analytics data to helping us improve the offerings on our Site and App. As part of that implementation we use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting so that we know more general information about the users of our Site and App. None of this data is personally identifiable, and we respect your need for privacy. As such, if you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, you can do so by following this link to Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs.


Information Security

In general, only officers, employees or contractors of Sisterhood Club may view Personal Information.


Personal Information may be stored in either hard copy form or on computer or both. Hard copy Personal Information is wherever practical, kept under locked security. Personal Information stored on computer is wherever practical, password protected.

Sisterhood Club uses commercially acceptable processes and procedures to protect your Personal Information from unauthorised disclosure. These processes and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are current and relevant. However, Sisterhood Club cannot guarantee that its systems will be free from unauthorised third party activity.


When purchasing from Sisterhood Club your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest secure hash algorithms of 256 bits (or 32 bytes). This means that your information will be encrypted in line with industry standards. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact help@Sisterhood



Sisterhood Club does not provide services to anyone under the age of 18. In using this Site and App you warrant that you are 18 years or older. Sisterhood Club is not responsible for use of this Site or App by those under the age of 18.


Accuracy of Personal Information.

If you believe Sisterhood Club has incorrectly recorded your Personal Information, please contact us at [email protected] We may ask that you provide additional information in relation to your identity prior to actioning any request to update Personal Information.


Your access to your Personal Information

You may access your own Personal Information. Sisterhood Club may impose a reasonable charge for access.


Access to your Personal Information may be withheld in a number of circumstances. These include where:

(a) providing access would pose a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of a person;

(b) providing access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others;

(c) the information is subject to confidentiality where the person who provided the information to Sisterhood Club did so expressly on the condition that it remains confidential;

(d) the request is vexatious or frivolous;

(e) the information relates to current or anticipated legal proceedings between Flvie and the person and the information would not be required to be discovered to a court;

(f) providing access would be unlawful or Sisterhood Club is required by a law to withhold access; or

(g) providing access could prejudice the investigation or detection by Sisterhood Club or by a government body of an unlawful activity or some serious or improper misconduct.


Where Sisterhood Club does withhold Personal Information, Sisterhood Club may instead choose to give you a summary of that information. It will also provide written reasons as to why the information has been withheld.


Disclosure of Personal Information by and to third parties.

Sisterhood Club may from time to time employ subcontractors to provide services to it. In these situations, Personal Information may be provided to those subcontractors. The terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy applies equally to those subcontractors.


Your Personal Information may be provided to us by a third party. Sisterhood Club may also collect your Personal Information by virtue of a promotion, event or sponsorship by a third party (“Organiser”). An Organiser may request a copy of your Personal Information collected by Sisterhood Club to use for operational purposes (e.g. to provide additional information about an event). In these circumstances, we will treat your involvement in a promotion, event or sponsorship as consent to Sisterhood Club sharing your Personal Information with the Organiser and vice versa. Sisterhood Club may, therefore, disclose your Personal Information to an Organiser to use for the Organiser’s operational purposes. Please contact Sisterhood Club immediately if you withdraw your consent to Sisterhood Club sharing your Personal Information with an Organiser. Please note that Sisterhood Club is unable to accept responsibility for any actions or omissions of an Organiser.


Queries or complaints

If you have a question or would like to make a complaint, please contact [email protected]


Changes to this Privacy Policy.

Sisterhood Club may change this Privacy Policy at any time. Sisterhood Club recommends that you regularly review this document.


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